Electronic module examples

The purpose of this page is to try a find examples of Arduino, ESP8266 an Raspberry PI connected to various electronics, sensors and modules


Sensor/ModuleArduinoESP8266Raspberry PI
rgb ledArduino RGB led
ldrArduino LDR examplePI LDR example
LCD4884Arduino LCD4884
DS18B20 temp sensorArduino DS18B20 exampleWemos DS18B20PI DS18B20 example
DHT11 sensorArduino DHT11 exampleWemos DHT11PI DHT11 example
speaker/buzzerArduino Buzzer
JoystickArduino joystick
BMP085 sensorArduino BMP085
7 segment LED
PIR detectorArduino PIR example
8×8 LED matrix
HC-SR04 Ultrasonic SensorArduino HC-SR-04Wemos HC_SR04PI and HC-SR04
HMC5883LArduino and HMC5883
IR recieverArduino IR receiver
water sensorArduino water sensor
MMA7455 accelerometerArduino and MMA7455
MAX7219 7 segment
MAX7219 8×8
74HC595 shift registerArduino and 74HC595Wemos 74HC595PI and 74HC595
numeric keypadArduino numeric keypad
MQ-2 gas sensorArduino MQ-2
4067Arduino and 4067
4051Arduino and 4051
BargraphArduino Bargraph
L298Arduino L298
WS2812Arduino and Ws2812Wemos WS2812
hc-sr505 Mini PIR Motion SensorArduino HC-sr505
AD keypad moduleArduino AD keypadWemos ad keypad
BMP180Arduino BMP180Wemos BMP180
AM2302 sensorArduino AM2302
OLED DisplayArduino OLEDWemos OLED
hdc1008Arduino and a HDC1008Wemos HDC1008
max6675Arduino max6675Wemos and a Max6675
ga1a12s202Arduino and GA1a12s202Wemos and a GA1a12s202
mcp9808Arduino MCP9808Wemos MCP9808PI and MCP9808
mcp23017Arduino MCP23017PI and MCP23017
mcp3008Arduino MCP3008Wemos and MCP3008 examplePI and MCP3008
mlx90614Arduino MLX90614Wemos MLX90614
MCP4725Arduino MCP4725Wemos MCP4725
BME280Arduino BME280 example
MQ-3 Gas sensorArduino and MQ-3Wemos example
MQ-4 gas sensorArduino and MQ-4Wemos and MQ-4
MQ5 Gas SensorArduino and MQ-5Wemos and MQ-5
MQ6 Gas SensorArduino and MQ-6Wemos and an MQ6
MQ7 Gas SensorArduino and Mq-7Wemos and a MQ7
MQ8 Gas SensorArduino and MQ-8Wemos and MQ8 Gas Sensor
MQ-9 gas sensorArduino MQ-9 exampleWemos and MQ9
MQ-135 gas sensorArduino MQ-135
rotary encoderArduino Rotary encoder
BH1750FVIWemos and BH1750FVI
APDS-9930Wemos and APDS-9930
TSL2561Wemos and TSL2561
TM1637Arduino TM1637Wemos and TM1637
IR Line tracking sensorArduino IR tracking
TCS3200Arduino TCS3200
S14703 fm radioArduino S14703
MMA8451 accelerometerArduino and MMA8451Wemos MMA8451 Example
ADXL345 GY-291 exampleArduino ADXL345Wemos Mini ADXL345 examplePi and ADXL345
ADS1015 12 bit adcArduino ADS1015Wemos and ADS1015 example
L3GD20 sensorArduino L3GD20Wemos Mini and L3GD20 sensor
TMP36 exampleArduino TMP36Wemos TMP 36 Example
PCF8574AArduino and PCF8574Wemos Mini and a PCF8574
L9110Arduino and L9110Wemos L9110 example
SHT21Arduino and a SHT21
ML8511Arduino and ML8511Wemos and ML8511
TEA5767Arduino radio
LM35Arduino LM35 Wemos and LM35
Wiznet 5100Arduino Wiznet
LSM303Arduino and LSM303Wemos and LSM303