Using your Alexa – Calendars, timers, alarms and the do not disturb feature

In this small tip for Alexa devices we take a look at Calendars, timers, alarms and the do not disturb feature You can set a Calendar item by voice command and then find out what is on your calendar if anything, using Alexa you can also create a timer or an alarm by voice. At the current time, you can set it to be a one time, or a repeating alarm by using just voice command. You can adjust the volume of the alarm or timer, by going to Settings > (select your device) > Sounds > Alarm and Timer Volume. Alarms…

A Few Star Wars model ideas for 3d printing

In this article we look at some of our favourite Star Wars designs that you can download for free and print with your 3d printer. there are many designs for my favorite all time film but these are my top picks of the many available.

Various free and paid online 3D model repositories

As much as its great fun designing your own 3d models to print sometimes you do not have the time or you may just want to try and get some inspiration from others. The following sites offer a variety of free and paid 3d models that you can easily download and do what you want with.

200 Fun Phrases to Try Out with Alexa devices

Its the holiday season and a lot of people will get an Amazon Alexa device for christmas but Alexa is not all about serious questions and answers there is a fun side to it as well with many amusing easter eggs and responses to certain questions, in this article we will show you 200 things to Ask Alexa.