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by iainhendry

This is a list of electronic components and parts that will assist you in getting started. We look at starting from scratch and building up with the basic parts.

6981 Plastic + Copper Electrolytic Capacitors for DIY Project – Black + White (120-Piece Pack) – $6.99

Quantity: 120; Color: Black + white; Material: Plastic + copper;Specification: Includes 120 pieces, specification as below: 50V 1UF / 50V 2.2UF / 50V 3.3UF / 50V 4.7UF / 50V 10UF / 25V 22UF / 25V 33UF / 25V 47UF / 16V 100UF / 16V 220UF / 16V 330UF / 16V 470UF; Features: High quality and reliable electrolytic capacitor; Application: Great for DIY projects

102~882P Ceramic Capacitors Set – Brown (9 x 20 PCS) – $6.56

Quantity: 9 x 20 pieces – Color: Brown – Material: Ceramic – Voltage: 100V -Features: Filtering, blocking, coupling, oscillation – For stable oscillation circuit, as the circuit capacitor and padding capacitor – Great for DIY project – Packing list: – 20 x 102P capacitors – 20 x 152P capacitors – 20 x 222P capacitors – 20 x 332P capacitors – 20 x 392P capacitors – 20 x 472P capacitors – 20 x 562P capacitors – 20 x 682P capacitors – 20 x 822P capacitors

DIY 1/4W Resistance Metal Film Resistors (2500 PCS) – $18.12

Quantity: 2500 – Power rating: 1/4W -Contains 50 different values, each 50 pieces, total 2500 pieces. – 1 ohm, 7.5 ohms, 10 ohms, 22 ohms, 39 ohms, 47 ohms, 68 ohms, 75 ohms, 100 ohms, 130 ohms, 150 ohms, 220 ohms, 360 ohms, 470 ohms, 680 ohms, 1K ohms, 1.3K ohms, 1.8K ohms, 2.2K ohms, 3K ohms, 3.6K ohms, 3.9K ohms, 4.7K ohms, 5.6K ohms, 6.8K ohms, 8.2K ohms, 10K ohms, 12K ohms, 22K ohms, 33K ohms, 39K ohms, 47K ohms, 56K ohms, 68K ohms, 100K ohms, 130K ohms, 150K ohms, 180K ohms, 220K ohms, 270K ohms, 330K ohms, 390K ohms, 470K ohms, 560K ohms, 680K ohms, 1M ohms, 2.7M ohms, 3.3M ohms, 4.7M ohms, 10M ohms – Accuracy: 1% – Great for DIY projectEnough here to keep you going for a long time, good range of values as well

Assorted Common Triode Transistors Value-Pack (180-piece) – $3.14

TO-92 – 18 types

0.5w Axial Lead Silicone Epitaxial Wafer Zener Diode / Voltage Regulator Diode (260-Piece Pack) – $6.63

Model: N/A; Quantity: 260Features: Stabilizes voltage, amplitudes limiting, protects circuit; Application: Perfect for DIY projects; Other: Includes 26 kinds specification: 2.4V, 2.7V, 3V, 3.3V, 3.6V, 3.9V, 4.3V, 4.7V, 5.1V, 5.6V, 6.2V, 6.8V, 7.5V, 8.2V, 9.1V, 10V, 12V, 13V, 15V, 18V, 20V, 24V, 27V, 30V, 33V, 36V. Each kind with 10 piece

Diode for Rectification / Detecting / Voltage-stabilizing / Modulator Circuit (60 PCS) – $2.79

Model: D1207038; Quantity: 60Features: Unilateral conduction; Application: Rectification / Detecting / Voltage-stabilizing / Modulator Circuit; Packing List: 20 x IN4004; 20 x 1N4148; 20 x BAT85;

3mm & 5mm Light-emitting Diode – Green + Red + Yellow (100-Piece Pack) – $3.35

Model: I0526014; Quantity: 100Features: Light-emitting Diode; Application: Light-emitting Diode; Other: Red light wave: 650nm, Yellow light wave: 585nm, Green light wave: 530nm; Packing List: 20 x 3mm Red LED; 20 x 3mm Green LED; 10 x 3mm Yellow LED; 20 x 5mm Red LED; 20 x 5mm Green LED; 10 x 5mm Yellow LED;

Glass Fiber Prototyping PCB Universal Board – Yellow (10-Pack) – $5.70

Model: 6198; Quantity: 10; Color: Yellow; Material: Glass fiber; Features: Glass fiber boards;Application: Suitable for experiment, electronic designing and DIY etc; Other: hole diameter: 1.0mm; hole pitch: 2.54mm; Packing List: 10 x Glass fiber boards;

SYB-120 Breadboard with Jump Wires Kit for Electronic DIY – White – $8.95

Model: I081812; Quantity: 1; Color: White; Material: ABS; Features: Breadboard with jump wires kit; Application: For electronic DIY projects

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