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A look at a 2.4G Wireless Switch 6 Channel Remote Transmitter Receiver Module

by iainhendry

This was a pair of modules that I purchased which could be used in a simple wireless system, the module comes in at under $4

The kit includes one pair of transmitter and receiver modules. And the frequency is 2.4GHz. There is the MCU on board with built-in encoding and decoding code, pairing code.

When you do the remote control operation for the first time, you need to pair the transmitter and receiver, and you do not need to do it again in the future.

It is easy to implement remote control without programming. It is very popular and easy for remote control systems, such as wireless doorbell, remote control rolling gates, smart car, smart home, etc.

About Wireless Switch TX (will be abbreviated as TX module below):

– Switch number of channels: 6 channels
– Input ports: 6-channel key input, active low
– Working voltage: 2.5 – 3.6VDC
– Working Current: 0 – 15mA
– Working frequency: 2.4GHz
– MAX Transmission distance: 80 meters (open area)
– D1 LED: Each time you press the button will light up a time
– PAIR button: for pairing
– K1 ~ K6 buttons: Used to control 6 outputs of RX module, active low level
– Antenna: Built-in PCB antenna

About Wireless Switch RX (will be abbreviated as RX module below):

– Switch number of channels: 6 channels
– Output port current: 2mA (max)
– Output mode: latch mode or non-latch mode
– Working voltage: 2.5 – 3.6VDC
– Working frequency: 2.4GHz
– Working Current: 23mA
– Sensitivity: -85db
– PAIR button: for pairing

– Toggle switch on the board: used to switch the output mode, LATCH is the latch mode (only press the button to change the output level), NON-LATCH is non-latch mode (press the button light will be on, and release the button, the LED of RX module light goes off after 350 milliseconds)

– D1 ~ D6: Output LED, active high level output
– Antenna: Built-in PCB antenna
– Great for DIY

Pairing Process:

Step1: Power up for the two modules. Press and release the PAIR button of RX module, then D6 LED is on (tells it enters the pairing state). Press and release the PAIR button of TX module within 10 seconds, then the D6 LED flashes for a while and keep the light on. It is also possible to pairing this RX module with more TX modules (up to a total of 20).

Step2: Wait until D6 LED is off. You can press the K1~K6 button of TX module to test. You can push the toggle switch on RX module to learn the difference between LATCH and NON-LATCH output mode.

NOTE: A transmitter module can be paired with multiple receiver modules, and one receiver module can only be paired with 20 transmitter modules.


OPEN-SMART 2.4G Wireless Switch Remote Kit 6 Channel Transmitter Receiver Module

Video Demo

Got sent this video which demo’s the pairing process

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