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Another 16 electronic kits for beginners

by iainhendry

In this article we show another 16 kits that are ideal for beginners

Voice-activated melody light

A fun little kit where the LEDs flash based on music/sounds. Cost about $1.60

Voice control LED melody light

Doorbell DIY Kit

Only $0.59 for a 555 timer based doorbell kit. It needs 4 to 7v. The speaker is rated at 8 Ohm 0.25W so it has a reasonable volume for the job in hand.

NE555 Doorbell DIY Kit

Multi-channel Waveform Generator kit

This NE555 multi-channel waveform generator can produce square wave, sawtooth wave, triangular wave and a sine wave. You use a jumper to select a waveform output, the circuit is simple, easy to operate. This kit costs about $2.25

NE555 Multi-channel Waveform Generator Suite Sine /Triangle Wave Square Wave Electronic Training DIY Kit

3D Christmas Tree LED DIY

A little bit of fun for only $2.20, not much to the kit basically a christmas tree shaped PCB with LEDs. A fun, seasonal kit that the kids would love – could be an ideal introduction to electronics

3D Christmas Tree LED DIY Kit

Electronic Windmill Training Kit

The circuit is based on another STC microcontroller, the microcontroller controls the LEDs, so as to achieve the effect of a windmill rotation, you can change the speed of the windmill flashing through the button. Its fairly basic but fun and comes in at $2.40

DIY Kit Electronic Windmill Training Kit

LM358 LED Breathing Light Kit

This uses another very popular integrated circuit, this time its the LM358. Tis does require 11 to 13V.

LM358 LED Breathing Light Kit

Mobile Phone Signal Flash Light DIY Kit

Phone call lights kit can be used to sense the GSM signal display, sensing distance up to 1 m, it is a very interesting DIY kit.The main circuit is amplified antenna sensor signal circuit and circuit. Sensing signal through the antenna 3 to S8050 transistor amplifier to drive the LED, so that light up. When no signal is detected, no calls or no GSM phones, LED circuit is not only detects the signal to light up LED. Under $1 for this kit.

Mobile Phone Signal Flash Light DIY Kit

TDA2030A Electronic Audio Power Amplifier kit

TDA2030A is another audio amplifier, this one can supply 18w and the kit only costs $0.60. The specs are interesting.


Output Power: Maximum 18W
Supply Voltage: DC 9V-24V(recommended DC 12V, this voltage to the heat sink requirements are very low; Maximum supply of this board is actually up to 40V, but you need to change the board’s own electrolytic capacitor C1, the capacitor voltage value is higher than supply voltage can be use. )
Static Current: about 25mA (disconnect to tone, connect to 8Ω speaker, 12V power supply. )
Speaker Impendance: 4Ω-8Ω
Total harmonic distortion: THD 0.08%(Po=0.1 to 14W,RL=4Ω)
SNR: 94dB-106dB(1W-15W)

TDA2030A Electronic Audio Power Amplifier kit

DIY heart kit

$2 for a LED heart kit which you can get in 4 different LED colors

DIY Kit Heart Shape Breathing Lamp Kit

DAC Waveform Generator kit

This needs + and – 15v to power the DAC0832

DAC0832 DIY Module Kits DAC Waveform Generator

DIY Kit Metal Detector Kit

A very simple metal detector kit

DIY Kit Metal Detector Kit

LM3915 Audio Level DIY Kit

LM3915 audio level indicator kit which requires 9V-12V. The kit comes in $1.15

LM3915 Audio Level DIY Kit

LM317+LM337 Dual Power Adjustable Kit

An improved PSU kit which has a positive and negative voltage regulator

Input voltage: AC 5V- double dual AC 20V (only dual AC input)
Output DC: 1.3-25 V
Current: 1 A
Surge mode: linear buck regulator, the output voltage of the AC voltage is rectified and filtered after minus 3V.
After such input dual 12V, the regulator rectifier filter voltage is above 12 * 1.414 = 16.968V, the output voltage can 16.968-3V = 13.968V

DIY LM317+LM337 Negative Dual Power Adjustable Kit

LED dice kit

A very simple dice based kit based around the popular 555 and 4017 integrated circuit combination

LED dice kit

LM1875T 30W amplifier DIY kit

An even more powerful amplifier kit, this one uses an LM1875T 30W amplifier

Output power: typical 20W (Max. 30W)
The speaker impedance: 4 Ω – 8 Ω
Total harmonic distortion: < 0.04%
Signal to noise ratio: 105dB
Frequency response: 14hz-100khz (maximum range calculated by RC high-low power circuit: 3.29 hz-482.29 kHz)
Power supply voltage: recommended ±25V (highest voltage shall not exceed ±30V, full bridge rectification of 18V is 25V)

LM1875T mono 30W amplifier board speaker power amplifier kit

Electronic Red Blue Double Color Flashing Kit

This kit has a NE555 and CD4017,the blue LED and red LED flashed alternately according to the pulse. The multivibrator composed of NE555 will have a certain frequency of oscillation signal send to CD4017 decimal counter/pulse distributor,in order to count. When the 1,3,5 pulses arrive Q0,Q2,Q4 output high level in turn,blue LED flashes 3 times,Q5,Q7,Q9 output high level in turn.Red LED flashes 3 times,blue LED flashes again when 11,13,15 pulses come,blue and red LED flashes alternately circulatory,so as to like the alarm lamp.Change the RP1 size can change the oscillation period, thus changing the LED shining speed, the whole circuit DC9-12V can be worked.

Red flashing light and blue flashing light form a board separately,connected with the main board through the stamp hole.If you need to install to other place separately or increase the distance,you should cut off through the stamp hole,then connect with the mother board by two wires.Please pay attention to the direction of LED when installing,especially the direction of L11 and L12.The R2 and R3 controls with the brightness of light,you can change it appropriately ,the range is 10-100 ohm.
supply power : 9-12V

Double Color Flashing Lights Kit NE555 + CD4017 Practice Learning DIY Kits

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