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Electronic kit : NE555 adjustable pulse generator

by iainhendry
555 board

In this article we look at a NE555 adjustable pulse generator which can be purchased as a kit, board and components

555 board

555 board


Input voltage: 5 volts to 15 volts DC. 5 volts power supply, the output current can about 15 mA; with a 12 volts power supply, the output current can be up to 35 mA
-Input Current: 100 mA
-Output amplitude: 4.2 volts V-PP to 11.4v V-PP (depending on the input voltage, the output amplitude is not the same)
-Maximum output current: 15 mA (5V power supply, V-PP greater than 50%),  35 mA (12 volts power supply, V-PP greater than 50%)

You can short and use one of the capacitors in the circuit, there are 4 options
1Hz ~ 50Hz
50Hz ~ 1kHz
1KHz ~ 10kHz
10kHz ~ 200kHz



555 astable

555 astable

Parts List

Start with the resistor, ceramic capacitors, socket and then I soldered on the electrolytics, headers and potentiometers

The header needs to be cut up, I received a 11 way single pin header which I cut into 3.

I did receive the wrong value of cap

component label value Quantity
resistor R1 1.5k 1
Ceramic capacitor C1,C2 104 – 0.1uF 2
Ceramic capacitor C3 102 – 0.001uF 1
5 mm red LED D1 1
NE555 U1 1
8 pin IC socket 1
Potentiometer VR1,VR2 10k 2
Electrolytic capacitor C4,C5 100UF 50V 2
Electrolytic capacitor C6 1UF 50V 1
Header 10 pin 0.5
Shunt 1


A mere £0.75 from Aliexpress, with a shipping charge in places

Aliexpress link £0.75
Amazon Com $2.08


This is a simple little kit which is ideal for beginners.

The PCB is single sided and all of the components are through hole. You get a socket for the 555 timer and of course the 555 timer itself, from a cost perspective its hard to complain.

The incorrect component was annoying but I had plenty of those capacitors anyway.

Easy to solder, decent quality

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