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LM317 output to 0v

Description As you may recall the LM317 regulator is adjustable from 1.25 to about 35v. By adding 2 diodes you can drop the voltage slightly, about 0.6v of a voltage drop across each diode, so in the schematic below you can get close to 0v Schematic Parts List QTY PART-REFS VALUE --- --------- ----- Resistors --------- 1 R1 220R Capacitors ---------- 2 C1,C3 100nF 1 C2 100uF 1 C4 10uF Integrated Circuits ------------------- 1 U1 LM317T Diodes ------ 2 D1,D2 1N4004 Miscellaneous ------------- 1 RV1 5k

LM317 Basic example

This is the most basic example of using a LM317 voltage regulator. The variable resistor (R1) and R2 are used to select the output voltage. The Lm317 is capable of delivering up to 1A of output current depending on the type you have.The input voltage can be up to 40V and output voltage can be adjusted from 1.2V to 37V. In our example we recommend 28v max. A heat sink must be fitted to the LM317 where the output current exceeds 250 milliamps. Bill of materials QTY PART-REFS VALUE --- --------- ----- Resistors --------- 1 R1…