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LM2596 regulator example

by iainhendry

This is quite a common power supply, a lot of the simple breadboard power supplies available on Ebay are based on this kind of design.

Many of the parts are common and this can be quite easily designed into a board or you can make a stripboard version. The spec is underneath in the link section, this example should be able to supply about 1a over a voltage range of 3 to 12v.




Parts List

Qty Value   Device            Package               Parts  Description
1   100nf   CAPPTH            CAP-PTH-SMALL         C3     Capacitor                                                                                                       
1   10k     POTENTIOMETER     0603-ARV              R1                                                                                                                     
2   220uf   CAP_POLPTH1       CPOL-RADIAL-100UF-25V C1, C2 Capacitor Polarized                                                                                             
1   330r    RESISTORPTH-1/4W  AXIAL-0.4             R2     Resistor                                                                                                        
1   330uh   INDUCTORAXIAL-0.6 AXIAL-0.6             L1     Inductors                                                                                                       
1   LM2596T LM2596T           T05D                  IC1    SIMPLE SWITCHER® Power Converter 150 kHz 3A Step-Down Voltage Regulator
1   SS54    DIODE-ZENERPTH    DIODE-ZENER           U$1    Zener Diode


lm2596 datasheet

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