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LM317 output to 0v

by iainhendry


As you may recall the LM317 regulator is adjustable from 1.25 to about 35v. By adding 2 diodes you can drop the voltage slightly, about 0.6v of a voltage drop across each diode, so in the schematic below you can get close to 0v


LM317 to 0v

LM317 to 0v

Parts List

QTY  PART-REFS           VALUE                                   
---  ---------           -----                                       
1    R1                  220R                                              

2    C1,C3               100nF                                             
1    C2                  100uF                                             
1    C4                  10uF                                              

Integrated Circuits
1    U1                  LM317T                                            

2    D1,D2               1N4004                                            

1    RV1                 5k

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