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Various free and paid online 3D model repositories

by iainhendry

As much as its great fun designing your own 3d models to print sometimes you do not have the time or you may just want to try and get some inspiration from others.

The following sites offer a variety of free and paid 3d models that you can easily download and do what you want with.

tinkercad gallery

A huge range of user submitted models which you can easily download for your 3d printer. you can view models in 2d or 3d but you do need to create an account



Another huge site with many models that can be downloaded, again you need to create an account. What I like about this site is that they group things into collections as well as standard browsing or searching for a specific design, you can then click on and view a model.

You can either download the stl files to do what you want with or you can actually order them printed if you prefer that option.


3d model free

A bit of a cluttered interface but there are many categories to look through, select the model you are interested in and download the files. Seem to be mainly 3ds max files.



Another site which this time has free designs but also has the option of paid designs. They have several categories with various models in them, not a huge range but its a modern designed site which is easy to navigate. You need to create an account to download the models



This site advertises they have 800000 3d models, this one tends to focus on paid options but there is a checkbox where you can see any free models. You can also filter by the format, so if you use a particular tool or file format you can guarantee that you will only get results for that. There is an active community which you can sign up for which has tutorials and a forum. An interesting option if your thinking about making some cash from your designs.



A huge range of resources which are again either free or paid options. They have various categories and collections which group similar designs together. A random option can have you clicking and looking at designs for a while, once you search for items youy can then sort them by relevance, date, price, downloads or likes

You need to create an account to download any files.



Another site from thingiverse with a few designs, there is currently just over 500 designs on the site.



This is home to 60,000+ free and paid 3D printable files & models and 13,000+ designers. there is a free and paid section clearly displayed on the site. I was able to download the files which are in stl format without creating an account but you can do this if you want. There are 5000+ free objects on the site at the moment.



A great selection of premium and free STL files from our community of 70,000+ Makers and Designers for you to download and print. You can then download free stl files and obj files to use with your own 3D printer. If you are a designer you can obviously make money with your own designs



a community where you can upload and download 3D print files. You can use Redpah to find free print files, as an open source library, or just to reach more people with your amazing work!
At Redpah, you also have the option of buying and selling files



A variety of free designs on this one



This site has 16,122 free models at the moment, you need to make sure you select the 3d printable option. the models are in various formats for different tools like Blender, Maya, Cinema 4d and 3ds max. there are also many premium designs available


Did we miss a site, do you have a good resource that’s not listed here or do you own a site. Post a comment, we will take a look and add it if its suitable

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