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KY-009 RGB Full color LED SMD Module

by iainhendry


The KY-009 RGB LED Module can emits a range of colour by mixing red, green and blue. The amount of each primary color is adjusted using the PWM pins on an Arduino.

The KY-009 RGB Full Color LED SMD Module consists of a 5050 SMD LED




You need to use resistors to prevent burnout, here are some recommended values

KY-009 Resistor Arduino
R 180Ω resistor Pin 9
G 110Ω resistor Pin 10
B 110Ω resistor Pin 11



int redpin = 11; //select the pin for the red LED
int bluepin =10; // select the pin for the  blue LED
int greenpin = 9;// select the pin for the green LED
int val;
void setup() {
  pinMode(redpin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(bluepin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(greenpin, OUTPUT);
void loop() 
  for(val = 255; val > 0; val--)
    analogWrite(redpin, val);  //set PWM value for red
    analogWrite(bluepin, 255 - val); //set PWM value for blue
    analogWrite(greenpin, 128 - val); //set PWM value for green
    Serial.println(val); //print current value 
  for(val = 0; val < 255; val++)
    analogWrite(redpin, val);
    analogWrite(bluepin, 255 - val);
    analogWrite(greenpin, 128 - val);



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