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KY-010 Photo Interrupter module

by iainhendry


The KY-010 Photo Interrupter module consists of an optical emitter/detector. If the sensor is broken the LED is turned on.



Connect the power line (middle) and ground (left) to +5V and GND. Connect the signal (S) to pin 3 on the Arduino.

KY-010 Arduino
– (left) GND
middle +5V
S (right) Pin 3



int Led = 13; // define LED pin
int buttonpin = 3; // photo interrupter pin
int val;
void setup()
	pinMode(Led, OUTPUT); // LED pin as output
	pinMode(buttonpin, INPUT); //photo interrupter pin as input
void loop()
	val=digitalRead(buttonpin); //read the value of the sensor 
	if(val == HIGH) // turn on LED when sensor is blocked 



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