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KY-013 Analog Temperature Sensor Module

by iainhendry


The KY-013 Analog Temperature Sensor Module uses a thermistor to measure ambient temperature based on the resistance of the device.

  • The temperature sensor is a NTC thermistor
  • Multi-point temperature measurement Measures temperatures: -55°C / +125°C
  • Accuracy: + / – 0.5°C



Connect board’s power line (middle) and ground (-) to 5V and GND respectively. Connect signal (S) to pin A0 of the Arduino.

KY-013 Arduino
S  A0
middle  5V



#include <math.h>
double Thermister(int RawADC) {
	double Temp;
	Temp = log(((10240000/RawADC) - 10000));
	Temp = 1 / (0.001129148 + (0.000234125 + (0.0000000876741 * Temp * Temp ))* Temp );
	Temp = Temp - 273.15; // Convert Kelvin to Celcius
	return Temp;
void setup() {
void loop() {
	Serial.print(Thermister(analogRead(0))); //read pin A0



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